Sunday, 25 February 2007

Awesome Show!!

Last night I got to see an amazing piece of amateur musical theatre. Friends from the theatre company I have been performing with for a few years have formed their own theatre company, PEP Productions. Last night they had their debut, with the Victorian amateur premiere of Urinetown, and they did a fantastic job. I cant possibly regret that I wasn't around for this one, as I was having such a great experience overseas, but ....... They have done such an amazing job - the show was tight, funny, fantastic harmonies, good dancing and with great energy. The whole cast should be really proud of themselves. If you live in Melbourne, get yourselves down to Maroondah Secondary College Theatre and see this show - you wont be disappointed!! On another note entirely, Jason is off to the coast today, for his first dive here in Melbourne. He bought all his gear this week and he has been like a kid in a candy store all week. :) I'll get the film from my underwater camera processed soon so you can all see him scuba diving. There are 3 shots left on it for me to get rid of..... Anyway, have to get going, off to the theatre to do makeup. Chooka's PEP!!!

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Back to normal.....

Well, 3 weeks back and life is well and truly back to normal. I have spent a lot of time editing thousands of photos from the trip, and I am going to start adding them to relevant posts, so browse backwards if you want to see them. Some excitement lately as I make plans for another trip. Looks like I am heading to USA in July - more details to come. And Jason is buying all his scuba gear on Monday, so he is excited as well. Looks like he is taking his first local dive next Sunday. Roger did a great job looking after the house and our furkids - thanks a bunch Roger! :) I have only torched a couple of times, but I need to get busy now, as I have a commission to make a strand of Viking beads for a lady in England. Have you seen our webpage?
Check it out at Ok, I'm going to start editing posts and adding pics now, so check them out. Ciao