Friday, 29 August 2008

There's no accounting for taste...

I have a favourite set of beads in my stock at the moment. I made them quite a long time ago, but I loved them immediately. The glass was a bullseye odd lot, a beautiful shimmering teal. And the focal has the added sparkle of dichroic glass throughout. They have a raised floral decoration, a technique I acquired at the Anastasia class I attended in Chicago last year. Not a difficult technique at all, but I think it's very effective, and looking at these beads reminds me of that wonderful trip.
These beads were also featured in my artists profile in the beading magazine - in fact, they had the largest photo. I can see that the design might be a little challenging to work into jewellery, but they are lovely beads and I'm very pleased with them.
And yet, they just wont sell. They were up on JB several times when I first made them. Recently they have been on Etsy for several weeks. I've decided to give them one more go on Just Beads, so that's where you will find them at the moment.
So, is it true? Is there really no accounting for taste? Is my affection for these beads misguided? Or perhaps they are just destined to be mine - maybe I should go with the flow and make them into jewellery for myself.
We shall see...

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Sharing the Love

This week my lovely, talented friend Lisa tagged me as the recipient of a blogging 'award'. Apparently now it is my turn to 'tag' another 7 or so worthy blogs. My taste in blogs, like my music, is quite eclectic, so they might be a random bunch! Here goes...
  • Drape's Takes is a great blog by educational technologist Darren Draper, a teacher in North America. Always interesting, and often thought provoking, it's a blog I've been disappointed to be a bit behind in reading lately.
  • Common Craft. Perhaps 1 in 10 posts in this blog are really relevant to me, but it's worth it to be the first to see their amazing instructional 'In Plain English' videos about Web 2.0. If any of your friends or family don't get the 'blogging thing', point them here.
  • Gal Lori is one of several blogs written by talented beadmaker Lori Greenberg. I particularly love the gems of wisdom from her kids.
  • Real Tart is written by a British ex-pat author now living in New South Wales. He hasn't been blogging for the last few months, but he is back again now, and his posts are always good for a chuckle.
  • Otter's Odds 'n Ends. I guess some people will think this is a strange nomination to make, as Otter doesn't blog anymore. But the posts on this blog have frequently moved me to tears, so it is well worth scrolling back through and reading them, despite the time lapse.
  • Jennie's Palette is the blog for my talented friend Jennie, who paints nudes, and recently had her first solo exhibition.

And two that definitely don't need a plug from me:

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

New Beads...

I am alternating between posting new beads on Etsy and Just Beads. Keeping my options open and hopefully reaching a wider audience. I have a few new sets up this week - click the photos for links...

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Space Poppies

I am strangely pleased with this set. I love the coral glass - the variations of colour you get with any of the Moretti Coral's (and there are so many variations) but it's the decoration I'm really happy with. I have no idea why, but they make me think of aliens or something sci fi. I told my friend Lisa that, and she came up with the name Space Poppies... works for me. :) They are available in my etsy store.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Getting Results...

Well, after the excitement of the snow on Sunday, life is very much back to usual this week. Back to the daily grind which includes work, rehearsals, and my daily workout on my Wii Fit. I have lost 4 kg since I started using it. I am hoping they will bring out some new software soon, as some of the activities are getting repetitive, but on the whole, it's great. The scoring system for everything, even Yoga poses, appeals to my competitive side, even if it's only myself I am competing against. I am especially proud of my perfect score in heading a soccer ball :) , but Jason beats me hands down in the slalom skiing. I am only 3 points off a perfect score in the advanced step aerobics, which combined with the rhythm boxing is my main aerobic workout.
I am also hoping to get some positive results with bead sales in the coming week. I put an orphan focal auction up on Just Beads yesterday, and I have several new sets that will be up there and on Etsy in the coming week.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

A Sight Rarely Seen...

I am glad I wasn't feeling well enough to go to rehearsals this morning. I have had a lingering cold all week and I keep waking up with a nasty sore throat. Heading out in the pouring rain (with worse to come) and icy cold to attend a read-through of the script did not seem a great way to pave my way to a full recovery, and ensure I kept my voice for another week. So, I sent off a text message and snuggled in to enjoy another hour of warmth in bed.
After I had been up for awhile, for some reason I looked out through the curtains to see a very strange sight. Well, unusual, certainly, even if it is the middle of winter. It was snowing, quite steadily. They might call my neck of the woods 'The Dandenong Mountains', but there isn't anything terribly mountainous about them, and we very rarely get snow, even at the peak. And where I live (quite a bit lower) - well I haven't seen it in the 5 years or so since we moved here.
The ground was too warm for the snow to do more than melt as soon as it hit the ground, but it was still fun to stand on the verandah and watch it fall, surprisingly fast. And once I had retreated inside, away from the cold (I thought a mug of Chilli Hot Chocolate was in order!) I noticed that the snow was accumulating on the hills across the valley, so it even started to look like it was really snowing.
After a brief 15 min or so, the snow had turned to rain (and later, to hail) but it was fun while it lasted. What is is about snow falling that is so magical? I'd assume its because we never see it here, but I've heard of people who live in areas where it is common who still love to watch it fall. I found myself laughing for absolutely no reason while I watched. Ironically, Jason was in sunny Queensland while this was happening, but I took some video as proof of my own little winter wonderland today.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, it's hard to believe we are three weeks into a new term, and I've been too crazy busy to blog even once.
I'm pleased to say I have continued to work out almost every day on the Wii Fit (Ive only missed 4 days in 5 weeks). I am really pleased I made that purchase... as a toy, I guess it's very expensive, but as a investment in my fitness, its' well worth the cost. About the same as a years gym membership, but I have never managed to go to the gym 6 days a week, even in the first flush of enthusiasm. And it is producing results.
I have also been continuing my tennis lessons, although the actual games didn't materialise. Unfortunately I don't have a team this season, so I am an emergency player and haven't been needed yet. The downside is, I payed my $110 membership fees so I could play - the upside is, more time to practice before having to face competition. I'm enjoying my lessons - I love learning to play, but I have a tendency to get very frustrated with myself if I don't perform to the standard I would like, so I doubt I'd still be feeling quite so positive after playing (and most probably losing :) ) my first real games. And it's quite entertaining to realise how contrary I am - unlike most players, my forehand sucks, but my backhand (to quote my coach) is 'poetry'. LOL Apparently it's highly amusing to see me run around a perfectly placed forehand ball so I can hit it backhand. *grin*
Rehearsals for Calamity Jane are going strong. It's going to be a great show. Gemma has worn the role of Calamity like a glove since the first rehearsal, and sounds amazing. The lengths to which we are being encouraged to take character development, even in the ensemble, will add a great deal of depth and the production team have some interesting ideas for direction and design. If you are a Melbournite, come along to the Whitehorse centre in Oct and see Calam in action!
I have managed to get some torching in this week, so I'll have some funky new sets to show later this week. They will be going up in my etsy store.
Tomorrow I am off to the opening of my friend Jennie's first solo art show. Check out her blog or website to see her contemporary figurative paintings.
I promise to have pics of shiny glass goodies next post!!