Tuesday, 27 May 2008

In need of a good laugh...

Tonight was a very good night to be off to a comedy club. Usually I wouldn't be too thrilled about heading into town on a weeknight, but my lovely friend Jennifer got us great cheap tickets to see the comedian Jimeoin, and he was only on one night. But despite being in a rush after getting caught late at work, it was very good timing.
I came home stressed, in a major way. Planning the reporting structure for the new education project I am currently working on has proved problematic, and the deadline is getting closer and closer. I came home with a tension headache, a rare occurrence, and generally in a pretty filthy mood. Stress will do that to you.
So, the timing of my midweek outing seemed fortuitous after all. We headed off to the Comic's Lounge in North Melbourne. Unfortunately, dinner was a little disappointing, so we weren't off to a great start. The support lineup for the evening wasn't inspiring confidence either, as I had heard one of the comedians before, and his humour wasn't to my taste. Filthy language, with no high quality humour to redeem the routine. Luckily, tonight he seemed to raise the bar, and had me laughing aloud.
Aussie's seem to have a huge soft spot for the Irish. And somehow we seem to attract a lot of Irish comedians. I have only seen live comedy a handful of times, and almost every time, I would find an Irish comedian on the bill. Tonight we had 2, the headliner, and another comedian who was a more recent arrival to our fair shores. He was the MC for the evening, and despite being a little stilted occasionally, was good value in the laughs department. The final support act, a young Indonesian guy, made me uncomfortable much more than he made me laugh. He seemed to be under the impression that because he was Asian, it was acceptable to make any number of very non-PC, racist jokes about Asians.
Jimeoin was on last, naturally, and his set was worth the wait. he had me in hysterics on several occasions, and after a week off sick with a cough, amongst other things, I was soon regretting having forgotten my asthma inhaler. It was a great night and just what I need to release the tensions I had acquired during the day. I think we all need to periodically let loose with some genuine belly laughs - it's good for the soul! :)
I'll leave you with a snippit of Jimeoin thanks to the magic of youtube. Laugh it up!


Lisa said...

I'm glad you had a good time and some release to the tension! :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks Lisa - did you watch the video?