Friday, 29 August 2008

There's no accounting for taste...

I have a favourite set of beads in my stock at the moment. I made them quite a long time ago, but I loved them immediately. The glass was a bullseye odd lot, a beautiful shimmering teal. And the focal has the added sparkle of dichroic glass throughout. They have a raised floral decoration, a technique I acquired at the Anastasia class I attended in Chicago last year. Not a difficult technique at all, but I think it's very effective, and looking at these beads reminds me of that wonderful trip.
These beads were also featured in my artists profile in the beading magazine - in fact, they had the largest photo. I can see that the design might be a little challenging to work into jewellery, but they are lovely beads and I'm very pleased with them.
And yet, they just wont sell. They were up on JB several times when I first made them. Recently they have been on Etsy for several weeks. I've decided to give them one more go on Just Beads, so that's where you will find them at the moment.
So, is it true? Is there really no accounting for taste? Is my affection for these beads misguided? Or perhaps they are just destined to be mine - maybe I should go with the flow and make them into jewellery for myself.
We shall see...


Leigh said...

Have to say the beads look good. Isn't it amazing what people do? I'm a songwriter/entertainer in a previous life.

I left another response to your reply on my blog. (the blog was months back and we chatted about group work)

I didn't know if you would get the comment so thought I would tell you. I'm going to add it as another post.

Suzanne said...

Hi Leigh - thanks for the comment. Your profile is not open to public access, so I cant link back to read your new post/comment... :(

Sondra said...

Gorgeous! keep them!!!

and by the way, TAG your it! (see my blog ;) )