Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 in New Zealand!

2011 is off to a fantastic start, as we are travelling in New Zealand and having a wonderful time. While we did fly into Auckland, the holiday didn't really start till we flew down to Christchurch on Friday, in the South island. We have been in Lake Tekapo for a couple of days, and the scenery is amazing. Today we went on a tour from Mount Cook with 'Glacier Explorers', which was fantastic - a boat trip onto Lake Tasman, at the head of the Tasman Glacier, on which float numerous Icebergs. It's mindblowing to think that 90% is below the water, and some of them have run aground, in over 200m of water at the 'shallow end' of the lake. We have another day or so here, then we move on to see other parts of South Island!

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