Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bead Soup off the boil

Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of international postage, my bead soup hasn't arrived yet. I will try and get some photos up of my most recent work so there is something for people to look at when they drop by for the big Blog Hop on the 17th..... fingers crossed, the beads will arrive by then and I can get something up. My partner and our exchange host have both offerred to send more, but I just know the original ones will arrive the day after they post something :). Keep your fingers crossed!


Starseed Jewelry said...

Suzanne: I actually mailed a second set priority international last Saturday. I hope you get two sets before the day and have the opprotunity to choose which one you want to work with. Got my fingers crossed.


Suzanne said...

You are sweet! Thanks, I hope so too!