Monday, 1 July 2013

Theatrepeople Update - All my reviews/articles so far...

I know I haven't posted for an incredibly long time.  Life isn't lending itself to having the time or inclination for blogging at the moment....  And I'm afraid this won't really break that drought - I'm merely updating an earlier post that lists all my Theatrepeople articles and Reviews, so I have them all in one spot....  

ETA: Seems theatrepeople aren't keeping the old reviews, so I have removed the links that are no longer active...

MLOC is Dreaming of a White Christmas, Nov 2009
The Bougainville Photoplay Project Aug 2010
The Heartstring Hotel Oct 2010
The Little Shop is Open at OPTC Nov 2010
The Gift, and Brighter, Whiter April 2011
PEP is Singing Songs for a New World July 2011
Octave's New Island Home July 2011
A Storm in a D-Cup May 2013
Lady Rizo June 2013
Brinkering on the Teet June 2013
Everyone's Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey) July 2013
Two Iconic Women of Pop, Jan 2014
Forklift Feb 2014 
Liz Skitch Spoilt March 2014
S By Circa May 2014
Grounded June 2014
Best of the Fest June 2014
Unpack This June 2014
Sunglasses at Night June 2014
Les Femmes July 2014
Bombshells Sept 2014
The Misadventures of Miss Boozy Rouge Nov 2014
Close To The Bone Dec 2014
Carribean Pirates at the Polly Woodside Jan 2015
Michael Griffith's Adolescent Jan 2015
Dirty Dancing March 2015
Talk Show April 2015
The Lady Sings Better April 2015
Sondheim on Sondheim May 2015
A Match Made in Harmony June 2015
Speakeasy June 2015
Georgy Girl December 2015
Cats December 2015
Umbilical Brothers: Speedmouse March 2016
Dave Callan: Even More less Conversation March 2016
Tripod:101 Tripod Hits March 2016
Einstein: Master of the Universe July 2016
Shadowland August 2016
Don't Get Mad at Me April 2017
Momentous April 2017
Soap April 2017
Problematic April 2017
Dara O'Briain - Live April 2017
Teacher April 2017
Thorny Questions April 2017
The Travelling Sisters April 2017
Storytime April 2017

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