Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Wow! It's been a very long time since I have blogged. Since over the last few years, I have only really blogged when travelling (and not even always then - I went to Vietnam this year, but Facebook has kind of taken over the travel journal job), I'm thinking the direction might change once again.  I still make glass beads, but sporadically - its been months since the last time I torched. But I have a new endeavour recently - I have become an Independent Jamberry Consultant.

This is rather an odd choice for me on several levels.  I'm not a huge party plan fan - the products are often great, but generally expensive, and having to go to parties to buy can be inconvenient sometimes. But more importantly, I don't do nail stuff.  At all.

I have been a lifelong nail biter, due to weak nails that tear if you look at them sideways. I tried acrylics a handful of times for special occasions and hated the cost, and how badly damaged my nails were afterwards.  A couple of years ago, I tried some Jamberry nail wraps that an American friend was selling. I loved that I could have pretty nails for the first time, and that they actually looked ok on my uber short nails (polish always seemed to just draw attention to it, and I struggled with neat application as the nails were so tiny). I got her to send me a few, and I wore them back to back for several months.  I then fell in love with them even more, as my nails actually started to grow.  I didn't bite them with the jams on, and if they tore (which didn't happen anywhere near as often) the wraps held them together long enough for me to deal with it properly with a nail file or clippers, instead of biting.  After that, I had to wait over a year for Jamberry to make the move to launch in Australia. Once that happened, the decision to become a consultant and get my fix at a reduced price was an easy one! :)

I could have just settled for the discount as a hobbyist - unlike some direct sales companies, the sales levels required to stay active aren't large. But I have heard of some amazing #BecauseofJamberry stories, and decided to give it a serious go as a part time business. I'm off to a great start, and part of a fantastic team who are really supportive.  I love that the products aren't expensive, and that you can go straight to your consultants website to purchase - you don't have to attend a party every time! And, I now run facebook parties too, so no cleaning and you can wear your pj's if you wish!

So, you may see some nail hints and tips or Jamberry samples on this blog sometimes (but there will still be glass too!).

To start the ball rolling, here is a video I made with some great hints and tips on applying your Jamberry Nail Wraps.  You can check out all the fantastic designs on my webpage.

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