Saturday, 24 March 2007

More travel in my future...

I just realised that I have not shared some exciting news.
Most of you probably know already, but I am heading to the USA in July. I have been accepted to present at an education conference over there, well, actually two. So, I am in Memphis for about a week attending 2 conferences, then I am travelling to Minneapolis, for The Gathering, the annual conference for the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. Its going to be an awesome trip. On the way to Memphis, I get to stop overnight in Phoenix and catch up with my friend Lisa. And then hopefully, I will get to catch up with another online friend Julz and maybe even have a bit of a roadtrip on our way to the gathering. That isn't definite yet, just some exciting plans in the making, but it's going to be great! I am going to get to meet so many of the wonderful people I have 'met' online in the last 4 years, since taking up this glass addiction of mine.
Hopefully I will have some bead auctions up on ebay soon. At the moment I am concentrating on making Viking beads for SCA, as festival is just around the corner. After that, I can modernise :) I need to start making beads to trade at the gathering, never mind the stuff to sell to help get me there. But I did have a nice boost recently. An English lady found my website and ordered a bunch of Viking beads from me. They go in the post on Monday!
Tomorrow I am having the Melbourne 'Bead Meet' at my place. I have no idea how many people are going to be here, about 10 I think. It should be fun - we are going to look at photos from Lauscha, and drool over each others beads and the new glassy goodies I bought in venice.....

I know the bug looks a bit creepy in this pic, but he really is beautiful, with sparkly dichroic glass chitin and amazingly delicate antennae...hard to believe he is made of glass.

Not a bead amongst them! I just realised I didnt get a single bead while I was away. Carolanne in lauscha gave me a beautiful vessel, and I bought an off mandrel pendant in Lauscha...but not a single bead!

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