Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Sad news

Well, its been a tough few days here - a lousy start to my holidays. Mystic, the youngest of our 2 dogs, has been very sick and passed away yesterday morning. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia last week, then when he seemed to get worse and we were preparing for the worst, a specialist said that he had a partially paralysed larynx. While permanent, that problem was supposed to be much less severe - the vet wasn't worried at all. But the poor little fella wouldn't let himself sleep all weekend - I think his breathing was harder when he lay down, so he wouldn't let himself.... Yesterday morning he suddenly collapsed and died almost straight away - we couldn't get to the vet in time. So, despite him being sick for several days, it was still a big shock. As all our friends know, we think of the dogs like our kids, so its been a distressing few days. I really miss the little guy. :(

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