Sunday, 14 October 2007

Dance of Love the name of my latest offering on Just Beads. This month on Modern Savages our theme is Surrealism, so here is my response to Joan Miro's 'Ballerina II'. If you would like to read more about this theme and my inspiration, checkout my posts at Modern Savages.

Today I demonstrated at the Victorian Blacksmith Convention. I go every year. It's a great chance to show people lampworking - spread a little education and glass love. Every year I take a selection of jewellery, assuming Jane Public is more likely to want ready to wear. This year I was caught unawares, and as I rarely make jewellery anymore (as most of my beads sell online) I decided to take all my 'orphans' and see what happened. I also marked down all my jewellery (and mine is already a lot cheaper than similar work elsewhere) hoping to shift some stuff that I've had around for awhile. Wouldn't you know, I barely sold any jewellery, bargain or no (just 2 pendants), but the loose beads went like hotcakes. I'm not about to retire anytime soon, but it paid for the order of odd lot bullseye glass I made last week.

So, I'm a pretty happy camper at the moment. And I just heard that my beads just arrived at Lisa's - so I can schedule a bunch of new auctions for this week. So, stay tuned for a new direction from me - focal beads at auction (now that postal costs wont make them unattainable!)


Lisa said...

I love these too! But I'm being good and not breaking into any packages!

Good job on the show/demo! I'm going to bring loose beads to my next one as well...

Suzanne said...

Thanks Lisa! Yep, people just love to rummage through a bowl of beads!