Friday, 5 October 2007

Finally Catching Up

I have been torching a lot these holidays. But I've been a bit slow to get some new auctions up. Mainly because I'm stockpiling beads, to be sent to my friend Lisa in Arizona. She has kindly agreed to post my USA sales for me, to cut down on postage costs for my customers. Of course, it means those auctions will only be available in the US - would be crazy to post them back here again afterwards :) . So, when they go off to her next week, I'll have lots of new items up for auction. In the meantime, I've put two new sets up that I'm keeping here, one on Just Beads and one on Ebay.
'Some Like It Hot' 'Opal's Fire'

1 comment:

PyroPagan said...

LOVE these flame beads, but I told ya that. Great idea with the shipping from the US, quicker and cheaper getting them all here at once! Good luck with sales!