Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Bringing back memories...

This YouTube video was posted on one of the bead forums this morning. I found it highly entertaining - not just for the content, but because of the memories it evoked.
When I was in High School, at the end of my final year, my Drama class went on a tour of northern Victoria. We travelled to country schools, performing our play to the students, sleeping in the gym at night and cooking dinner in the Home Eco rooms. It was a fun week.
When we had free time, we tended to undertake similar activities to those on the video - although on a much smaller scale, of course. One day we froze in the entrance foyer windows of the local Swimming Pool, and another day we pretended to run a Tai Chi class in the park.
The funniest activity I recall, however, was at the laundromat. A group of us had agreed, that if another customer came into the laundromat that we were using, then the group would freeze, aprt from one person (in this case, me) who would ignore them. So, we are all involved in doing our laundry, and a young guy approached the laundromat. Instantly, everyone freezes, and I continue on my way, walking around them, putting more coins in their machines where necessary, but in no way engaging with my co-conspirators or the young man. He stood there in bewilderment for awhile, obviously expecting everyone to move eventually, but after several minutes of what must have appeared as eery stillness (we were really quite good at this) he ran outside to get his friend. Of course, when he returned, dragging the friend with him, everyone was moving as usual, and we found the ensuiing argument quite amusing. Teenagers do have an evil sense of humour :)
Anyway, I found that video great fun, and a reminder of a time when if someone in my vicinity yelled out 'Dead Ant', I would drop to my back on the floor, waving my arms and legs in the air, regardless of my location and (almost) oblivious to the stares of onlookers. Aaahhh, good times!

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