Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Tour Time

Hey everyone! Sorry its been a few days, its been a little hard to get internet access lately. We have been having a ball, but its pretty hectic and we are crashing early every evening. After Vienna we spent a day in London. By the time our flight landed and we navigated the tube to find our hotel, it was lunchtime. We checked in with the Trafalgar folks then headed off to the Tower of London. That was great (more armour for Jason, he is being spoiled). It was much larger than I had expected: We looked around there for a few hours and then headed back to the hotel, but via Kings Cross station to pick up Jason's tickets to Leeds we had pre booked. I am thinking I might try and get a matinee show that day.....hmm, what shall I see Spamalot, or Wicked?

Anyway, we started the tour the next day - wake up call at 4.45 *gasp*...... We drove to Dover and did the channel crossing to Calais in perfect weather - calm, blue sky, perfect! We then drove to Brussels, where we had Belgian Waffles and I had the most awesome Hot Chocolate from a chocalatier - wow! The Grande Palace was awesome - there was a light show on the old buildings in the square... I guess it had the potential to be really tacky, but it was actually quite beautiful.
Today we drove into Germany and did a Rhine Cruise, and then stopped at Heidelberg for awhile. There we hit our 4th Christmas market so far, but that's not a bad thing, as they all have a regional flavour and different items and foods for sale (and don't forget the mulled wine!). Tomorrow we head into Switzerland.... Some small bad news today - I found out I won't get to Murano in Venice after all - we see a glass demo on the mainland, and apparently I don't have time to get to Murano. :( Its disappointing, but you have to go with the flow when travelling - at least I got to Lauscha. Ok, running out of time - have to go - best wishes to all! PS Mum, I saw the pub where they filmed The Student Prince today - I've had 'Drink, Drink' stuck in my head all day..... :)

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