Wednesday, 13 December 2006

What a day!

Hello again, wow, what a day we have had. A word of advice - when you are travelling around the world and visit a city for just 2 days, for the express purpose of visiting a museum...check the museum is open on that day first!!!Yes, thats right, Nurnberg's museum is shut on mondays! So, change of plans today.... we went on an 'Amazing Race' style trek to the suburbs by train in search of a hardware store and, you guessed it, hammers for Jason. Yes, I said hammers.... We also went to the Christmas Markets though, which was amazing, and I bought myself a set of beautiful spice drawers - hand painted ceramic drawers in a wooden shelf, beautiful. Jason also had an amazing find at a second we both shopped well today. This is actually Mondays entry, as it didnt work for some reason.....

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