Saturday, 16 December 2006


Hi all. Here we are in Wien (Vienna). This city is huge, and was a bit daunting to begin with. But we have spent the day wandering the museum precinct and the imperial palace, and it is a truly beautiful city. This morning Suz went to the Spanish Riding School to see the Lippizzanners and Jason went to the museum to look at armour (surprise, surprise). He tells me he walked into the first room filled with Maximillion armour and started to shake with excitement. :) We then wandered through another christmas market and walked around the city looking at the amazing architecure. This evening we may head back out to the imperial palace, if our feet hold up (lots of walking today). We are definately planning a carriage ride around the city though. Yesterday we left Lauscha at 5.20am and caught the train back to Nurnberg, and then a train to Vienna - 10 and a 1/2 hrs all not much time for anything else. We collapsed in a heap once we got to our hotel :). Tomorrow we fly to London, to meet up with our Trafalgar tour, which starts on sunday. Ciao for now....

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