Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Are we really in the 21st century?

Why is it, in this day and age of supposed equality for women, when we have female politicians, pilots, surgeons, astronauts etc, that women do not seem to be able to breach that last bastion of manly endeavour, the TV Game Show Host?
Seriously, the only game show in Australia I can think of with a female presenter was the Weakest Link - and she was there for the fear factor for sure! And reality TV is no better. I happened to see an episode of Dancing with the Stars last night. Daryl Somer's hasn't changed his act in 20 something years, and frequently his jokes fall well short of not only the humour they were aiming for, but also the standards of political correctness of the current decade. Sonya Kruger on the other hand, who 'mans' (woman's? ugh whatever) the green room, seems smart, witty, and can think on her feet. I'm sure the whole show would be much more bearable to watch if she was hosting. (I wont go into what would have to happen to the dancing & judging to make it bearable to watch - last night had some terrifying moments!). So, what is it going to take for Ed Phillips to give up the podium on Temptation to Lavinia Nixon? She has far more experience as a TV presenter than him.....

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