Sunday, 7 January 2007

Greetings from Luxor

We are in Luxor today. Day 2 here. Yesterday we went to Karnak temple with a local guide. It is very large, and in some areas in good repair. Really interesting to wander through, and we had a very good local guide, Hassan, showing us around and explaining everything. Today we went to the Valley of the Kings -some of them are very well preserved, even with all the original colours. Beautiful to see, and unlike anything I remember seeing in documentaries etc. They do not let us take cameras inside unfortunately - maybe they do now allow TV crews either? We went into 3 tombs (there are 63 all together, including a new one only discovered 5 months ago). Many are not yet open to the public, as they are still active dig sites. Tomorrow we head by convoy to Aswan and then Abu Simbel. After that will be the 4 day Fellucca ride (where I can guarantee I wont be online!:) ). I don't have a lot of time left today online, so this is a short one. Thanks for reading! Love to all

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