Sunday, 28 January 2007

Home Sweet Home

Yes, that's right, we are home now. We flew in at 6.30 this morning, after very little sleep on the flight, so we are really wrecked. However, I have just had some excellent news - I had my dates a bit mixed up, so apparently I don't go back to work till Tuesday, not tomorrow! Yayy!!! Mauritius was wonderful, so relaxing. Jason is now a qualified PADI open water diver and I have the closest thing I ever get to a tan :). It was hard to leave, but I am glad to be home. The trip was wonderful, but I think there are only so many new experiences you can process - I am looking forward to editing my photos and reminding myself what the first few weeks were like. I feel very fortunate that we got the chance to have this awesome experience. I could certainly get used to overseas travel to exotic locations.....but I wish you didn't have to do the 24 hr flights to get anywhere from Australia - I hate those long haul flights. OK, I am thinking that some sleep is in order...I'm probably not making a lot of sense - I feel a bit punch drunk. :) Au Revoir

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Natalie said...

Welcome back home guys!!

Hey, this blog thing has been kinda fun - hope you keep this up as a regular thing

Nat the busybody