Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Leaving Europe....

Hi all, Today we are leaving London and heading to Cairo. We have had a great time, with the weather only turning nasty once - unfortunately we got stuck out in it waiting for our transport :(. Between us we have seen the British Museum, Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, Greenwich, Westminster, Cabinet War rooms, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Tate Modern and Tate Britain, The Wallace Collection, and bus tours around the city and boat trips up the Thames (or down ?). We went to see Avenue Q in the west end and watched the fireworks on the London Eye from our hotel room on New Years Eve (too scary out there in those crowds!!). Jason is now going to start having withdrawal symptoms as there is no prospect of looking at any more armour. He has seen armour in Nurnberg, Vienna, Canterbury, British Museum, Wallace Collection and the Royal Armoury at Leeds (where he got to play with original period weapons and had his own personal guide all day - spoilt!). We are having some issues with luggage weight - we sent back 9kg of books today and that was an adventure in itself - UK post, argh!!!!! We still have 2 hammers floating around in our luggage (No Jason, you cant go and look in that hardware store!) LOL We will have to keep our shopping in those Egyptian bazaars to a minimum. :) I doubt I will get much time to update this blog or email in the next 2 weeks. I know there are lots of internet cafe's around, but I mainly used hotel internet on the European tour, and I doubt that will be available in Egypt. Its hard to find time to get out to the cafes when you are on a strict tour schedule. It has been nice planning our own time this week in London. We went to the British Museum this week, and we find it a bit amusing that we saw the Egyptian display - all the contents of the pyramids and tombs, and now we are going to see where they came from. When you see all the artifacts in various museums here in Europe (and in every public square it seems like) you wonder what is left in Egypt itself. OK, we have to catch our transfer to Heathrow soon, so I will sign off.
Bye for now
Can you believe this? You can buy these bears inside Canterbury Cathedral.

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