Friday, 9 January 2009

A Bad Combination....

I felt so ill when I woke up this morning that I was actually hoping for bad weather so our jetboat trip would be cancelled. A few hours later, some panadol and anti-inflammatories later, I felt almost human, and able to stick it out if I had to, but I have to admit, I was relieved when the river levels were too high for the particular trip we were booked on, and we were able to obtain a refund.
We decided to stop at Puzzle World on the way out of Wanaka. Its well worth a stop, lots of interesting stuff to see, and the Great Maze was a lot of fun. But, unfortunately, the combination of running a temperature, the weird perspective in the illusion rooms, and a very curvy drive through the highest mountain pass in New Zealand caused me to experience motion sickness the likes of which I haven't felt in years. The last time I can remember feeling this queasy was from a ride at the Royal Melbourne Show a number of years ago. It took hours to get over, and I'm still not feeling 100%.
Despite lousy weather (it rained most of the way), it was still a spectacular drive, and I got some lovely photos of the wild lupins by the road. Now we have 4 days in Queenstown to enjoy - it is a very busy place - not like the other places we have been so far, which have been fairly quiet. We are also lucky enough to have an outstanding view from our hotel room (see below).

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Lisa said...

I hope you are feeling better at this stage. The pics look just spectacular! Thanks for taking us along!