Saturday, 17 January 2009

Home Sweet Home

Goodbye Queenstown, Hello Melbourne. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight, and especially to having my own pillow. I'll be spending some time this weekend downloading all my photos onto my computer at home, and once I can see them properly, I'll post some favourites over the next few weeks.
We spent Friday relaxing - the weather wasn't great, so we hung around town, played mini-golf (I kicked DH's butt at every hole!) and went to the bird sanctuary at Te Anua. On Friday we drove back to Queenstown. We bumped into one of the guys from the dive tour on the way, so we gave him a lift to Queenstown as well. We decided to take ourselves back to the Deer Park - it has the best views over the lake in both directions and the animals are a lot of fun. We saw some animals we had missed last week - like the Himalayan Thar, pictured below. Friday night, for our last evening in NZ, we were intending to have dinner at skyline, at the top of the Gondola ride over Queenstown. The weather turned nasty though, so we cancelled and had an amazing meal at 'Flame' instead.
This week is going to be a bit busy, as I have to get some work done before heading back to the grind in a week and a half, and next week we will have a new addition arriving - of the four footed variety. So, some puppy proofing to be done this week, and then I'm sure the last few days before school goes back will totally revolve around the little fluffball, so I had better get some work done (and some beads made - I'm thinking of a Glacier theme...) before he gets here.

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