Friday, 30 January 2009

It's getting hot in here....

Wow, who would have thought that living in Melbourne we would have to cope with a heatwave like the one we have seen this week? The hottest period on record, and the 2nd hottest day ever recorded. 3 days reaching over 43 degrees Celsius, and today was 45.1.
Of course, those were the 3 days that teachers had to go back to work this week, in preparation for school starting. Days of struggling to concentrate in meetings and professional learning sessions, while we sweltered, even in the few spaces with air conditioning.
It's also the week I wanted to spend every possible moment at the torch, as I will be selling at a juried artists market on Sunday, and have been working on new stock. Torching in 40+ heat is no fun, especially when my studio is a tiny cupboard upstairs... As the 'cool change' has come tonight, so we are expecting 30 odd tomorrow instead of 40, I'm hoping I will get one more chance to torch in the morning.
It's been a tough week to have a tiny puppy in the house, although he would have been just as hot at his previous home, since we are getting our weather from Adelaide anyway. Luckily we have air conditioning, but going outside has been a bit of an ordeal with his fur, and he has had a few impromptu baths to cool off.

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